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To ensure the safe operation, long life and economical utilisation of tools, machinery and equipment, accurate translation of the technical documentation is essential. Manufacturers place emphasis not only on making sure that quality, competitive equipment rolls off their production lines, they also desire to provide users with important information on product function, service, maintenance and operational safety by means of users' manuals. A user's manual in the customer's language is an important part of the product and a prerequisite for the manufacturer's declaration of conformance with European standards.

For this reason, manufacturers exporting to EU countries must provide a translation into the language of the country in which the product will be used. Technische Übersetzungen GERAT provides you with translations from German into the Slovak language.



I provide translations of the following, based on requests from technical documentation departments and technical and translation agencies:

  • installation manuals
  • operations and service manuals
  • maintenance and repair plans...

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Translation Fields

  • Construction machinery and technology: wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, cranes, bulldozers, tractor equipment, compacting equipment, machinery for working concrete, materials transport machinery
  • Metalworking machinery: milling and drilling machines, machining centres, bending machines, presses
  • Woodworking machinery: sizing saws, band saws, planers, milling machines
  • Automotive Industry...

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